Often we set people up to fail.

Often we believe what we’re told.

Often when we try to move up, we’re pushed back.

The door is closed before we even get there.

If we knock, they don’t answer, pretending to be out.

-Who is that person, standing in the rain?

We don’t know them. Let them be drenched for all we care.

We are happy here with our friends around us.

– We can be friends too. Good friends.

-But you are dripping on my step. I don’t like that.

No, I don’t need you. Go away.

So we leave and stand in the woods with the trees sheltering us and the rain dripping down our necks.

And then we see a stranger arrive.

Wait, we think. Let’s prepare a place for him, next to us, so he can have somewhere to go.


He walks up to the door as it opens wide.

He walks in. We see arms reaching out to bring him closer to the warmth.

The door shuts.


And we stand here in the woods. Dripping.