Hello Campers! We’re all a little bit bleary eyed this morning because we spent so long with the boys from the Cwmbach Male Voice Choir in the bar, last night.
My course this half of the week is on Crime Writing and we are taught by the very elegant Janet Laurence. This group is getting really stuck into modus operandi , types of murder, reasons why and we can all recall one from true life or point someone else to a book about it. We have sorted out our victims, perps and suspects or Unsubs. This morning we discovered the body/bodies in odd places and they were very odd. I won’t give away anyone’s ideas or when their book comes out, you’ll all be saying, I’ve read that before, it’s been done to death. We are so committed we are meeting earlier than scheduled tomorrow- did you see what I did there? Actually, insanity wasn’t on the list…yet.
The talk in the afternoon was a joint one by husband and wife, Stephen Wade and Kate Walker. They had kindly stepped in to the breach when a speaker had to pull out. Stephen is a poet and has been a writer in residence in prisons. Kate is a famous Romance novelist and is giving the course on contemporary romance. Can you guess who had the most questions?
Caerleon suffered a heat wave today. So after a lovely circular talk by Trisha Ashley, we spent the evening in the garden instead of being indoors at the Poetry Slam. Sacrilege, I know. The Poetry Slam is still going on as I write this and I am going to bed. Last morning tomorrow. Goodnight campers, sweet dreams.