Another hard morning’s work with Jane Pollard. I will pin a notice above my computer when I get home in blood: GO DEEPER. My head was bursting with so many ideas that as I walked down the Roman Way into town this afternoon, I was really in 11th Century Spain, not Roman Wales. I have found that I need a little bit of space between the input and the output to mull things through and ponder. My character was walking down the barracks with me, pointing out the latrines and the ovens even before I got there. Naturally I had to check her facts with the one information board, conveniently placed near the latrines. Wouldn’t you know it? She was right.
This means of course that when she speaks to me now, I will have to listen and write it down. I have to confess, I have been listening but not writing it down. My head has been nodding, saying, that’s really interesting, I should make a note of that and then I’ve moved on to the next thing that takes my interest, like sleep.
A change is in order, don’t you think? Instead of my morning pages and extremely intermittent dream journal- seldom kept, I have to institute a new regime, until she decides to leave me again.