The rain held off, you’ll be glad to know. It started spitting on the way back up the hill after the pub crawl. We crawled round two pubs- one with a huge rabbit called Guinness, which was more like a Were- Rabbit. One minute he wasn’t there. The next he appeared and then made ever decreasing circles nearer and nearer us. It was more worrying when he suddenly appeared behind us, close enough to step on and didn’t move. As we stood up to go, he disappeared again- spooky. We moved on to the other pub- the Hanbury Arms where Tennyson composed the Idylls of the King. The pub is right on the banks of the Usk, but as it was dark, we couldn’t care less about the view. We took over the back room until time was called. They serve Brains SA among others.
We needed the drink, honest. We had done such hard work… really. The evening lecture had us halishing for something. Elizabeth Hawksley had called her talk Purple passion : making love on a tiger skin. She read bits of three different novels from the early 1900s ending with The Sheik and yes it was made into a film in 1921 with Rudolph Valentino. Be still my beating heart. It was all over thrills, trembles and passion. So we were in definite need of sustenance of one kind or another.
I’d a really productive morning with Jane Pollard working on moving the novel deeper. She is a hard worker herself and gives very generously to her students. Now I know what I need to do to correct my novel, all that’s left is to rewrite it- again. But I also have the plot outline for another one- wonderful, where did it come from? My partner and I were literally bouncing ideas off each other and then Jane added that extra something- how does she do that?
We spent the afternoon walking round Caerleon’s Roman Baths which are a joy to behold- literally. They are stunning and they’re free! The Museum was also great- I loved the barrack room and the garden. We had a closer look at the amphitheatre than yesterday, going right inside, imagining the tall wooden walls surrounding the central area. Not lions, I think, maybe bulls but they’d have to be little ones or there’d not be much room to escape a charge. Perhaps the little white bull? What do you think?
Tea, I cried, I need tea! Before seeing how we can create a website in under an hour. We saw it done and go live.
So all in all a good day, Roll on tomorrow. Oops, have I done my homework? Better get to it.