I have changed my room around. Having moved to a new house last year- well nearly last year, only another three months to go- I am still in the process of unpacking boxes. I thought I had sited my desk in the optimum position, under a window right next to the bookcase. All my papers were filed in a wire tray shelving unit beside it . All was fine, until I found the sun was coming in too strong and fading my desk. So I had to pull the curtain behind it and then turned to use the dining room table instead.
Now there was no sun, no window looking out over the garden and I was getting my double stacked books in a mess. My little corner had become a nightmare.
I decided to sort through the boxes that had been lined up against the wall ever since I had moved in. Full of stuff I was certain that I needed- when or for what I am not too sure, but I was certain I couldn’t do without them.
I have shredded and sacked. I can see the floor where boxes used to be.
Under the influence of this outpouring of feng shui I relocated the desk, to a side window that now had space beneath. I could open the side drawers! I can still use the dining table, but from the other end. I have a view of the garden even when it is sunny.
Today I had the door open and could actually watch the sparrows and robins perch on the jasmine instead of hearing them and spinning around that second too late.
What will it do for my writing? Well, I have to come to terms with a new perspective and that, for any writer, can only be a good thing. I don’t feel cornered, literally and figuratively. I can look at my bookcase full on and let my eye wander across the titles, pushing me to make this connection or that.

I wonder if I’ll change the room around next year?