This is just to throw the topic out there. I have no axe to grind, not that I have an axe, or a grindstone. And therein lies the problem. These days, unless you do your own splitting of logs for your wood burner, not many of us use the tools that were so ubiquitous in days gone by.
Our grandparents ( mine, not yours , I’m sure some of you have young grandparents), wouldn’t recognise the world we live in with all its different gadgets.
So here is the poser:
When we prepare a story for telling now and we make it ours is it okay to put modern gadgets in? Can we use an iPhone for example instead of scrying the water too find out a position or contact someone long distance?
Or if we can use technology that was inconceivable back in the day, should we add a touch of magic to it, make it do things even it can’t do?
Is there a right or a wrong here? Who draws the line and with what instrument?
Is it okay to bring a story into the twenty first century?
Comments please.