So far, so good. I have just sent off another first chapter and synopsis. Actually, not quite true. I have just sent off another new first chapter. It is only the second time I have had to add a synopsis. How terrifying was that!

I had the story planned completely- in my head.

I had written the whole of the first three chapters. I knew where it was going.

For once I had planned the characters and written little sketches of them.

Within five minutes I had changed the name of the main character three times until I was satisfied. I used the original name of the main character for a close relation. The nationality of other characters wandered around Europe until they found a home.

During the writing of the synopsis new people popped up, who I had no idea what to do with.

Eventually, the synopsis was finished- roughly 900 words. There was a similarity to the original, some of the main actions were the same.

Not much else.

Now I’m panicking about writing the whole thing. If I changed that much in 900 words, will it resemble the synopsis in 80,000?

What is even worse, have I written the book out of me?

Comments please!