What is it about NaNoWriMo that when I have so many words to write in my draft book that I find that I have to write so many other things that need to be written NOW?
It is like whatisname’s law- you know the one that says work expands to fill the time allotted to it. Not to mention whosit’s theorem that when you’re busy that’s when more work pours in. Of course I should include the one that tells you if you want to get something done, ask a busy woman.
So here I am, when I should be upping my word count on a teenage novel, procrastinating on a blog. I have several other things that I need to be writing too and they all need to be finished by Thursday. At least the NaNoWriMo has just over a fortnight left to run. I might catch up.
I have written more than the allotted 1667 words per day each day. It’s just that it hasn’t been on the subject I’m supposed to be writing. All grist to the mill, what?
I do need a break form the angst – that’s when I play solitaire or go out for a walk. But which story am I pondering? Hmm? Will the sex fiend get mixed up with the bumped head? How will the alien from outer space communicate with the Educational Psychologist?
I can’t wait to find out….