The Olympic torch has just been relayed on this evening. At the bottom of my road.  The crowd were quiet and pleasant. The stewards were friendly and informative. The police showed up in force- motorbike after motorbike- and were pleasant too ( some of them very good looking lol). A lovely lady, Frances Johnson was deposited across the road by the bus. Dressed in her uniform and holding the unlit torch, she waited patiently for the runner to get to her. The crowd took photos of her with her family. They took photos of her with their family. They got other people to take photos of her with them. There was no sense of sarcasm, no mockery. Everyone was really pleased for her, and there were a lot of everyone. Surprisingly so. The warmth that this part of Cornwall has shown for their Olympic relayers is palpable.

The day had started off (gathering at 9 am) with a parade of performers through Liskeard compered by Dave Benson Phillips. That man deserved a medal for today. He was everywhere, jollying people along, getting them to join in , explaining the acts, playing his guitar, dealing with erratic mics, moving from place to place .  The town turned out for the parade and stayed all day. There were three main areas and people were at all three- the sports field, the gardens with demonstrations of sports, the stage  in town filled by dancers, singers and musicians. The calibre of all performers was extremely high. The audience in every case, appreciative. The sun shone on Liskeard today and found a responding glow. Even Cornwall Council had relented so the car parks were free. Wow!

When the buses finally came through with the sportspeople, the relayers (they walk not run), the cheerleaders, the crowd was happy. We applauded the young man with the flame approaching. We watched as the two torches crossed and the flame passed. We cheered Frances on as she walked up the road followed by more buses and police. We said, that was a good day and went home.