Wow! Didn’t think I was going to get started today. Lots of procrastination, playing games on Facebook. I allow myself three turns on each of my games and then I have to get going. So I looked at my email and phoned a contact which meant I had to write an email…

How time passes. Then I found the notification from Scrivener that they were finally outing the Windows version, with a discount and the discount on top for NaNoWriMo winners from last year. So more time as I searched for my code to find that Word wouldn’t open properly.

Now I have a fully licenced Windows version of Scrivener, a new project set up and a clean page with one word on the top. I couldn’t help myself.  I shut it down.

A phone call and a knock at the door later- (Sky sellers are becoming the new Jehovah’s Witnesses round here), I was ready to start.

I opened the laptop. Just needed to check my emails once more and FB just in case. There’s that game of solitaire with  a magic deck that I’m still struggling over the last level for the second time. Perhaps I need to do three lots of that before I begin? No.

Determined to get this over and done with I find that clean page and type.

Here I am, 1,763 words later, feeling as if I have run a marathon already and it’s only the first day! The story that is coming out is not related to my outline in the slightest. But it is one that has been floating around for a while, so maybe it needs to be told. Does it have enough in it for 50,000+ words? Perhaps. I hope so.

If I didn’t have to go out I would be writing still, wouldn’t I?