When is telling a story acting? Are you allowed to act whilst telling a story? Who decides and regulates?

I have been pondering this for some time as in one of my stories I tell using the first person from start to finish. It is her story and I see it through her eyes. Am I storyteller in role or acting? Is storyteller in role a valid option? Does a story have to be mainly narrated in 3rd person with the occasional forays into first? Does it stop me from being a storyteller and should I consider myself as an actor.

On the same theme, if you tell a funny story does that make you a stand-up? If you lighten a story with comic asides, which you think help move the story on either by pointing up the absurdity of the situation your character finds themself in (but not I hasten to add to denigrate the story or destroy the magic), or showing the emotional position of the character, does this mean you are heading down the slippery slope to crowd pleasing?  Does anyone remember Dave Allen and his stories on the stool? Was he a comedian or a storyteller or dare I say it , both, with the storyteller at the fore at that moment?

Someone asked me recently who are you when you tell a story? Are you the story, the storyteller, acting the story, or yourself? If you are the storyteller is that not acting? When we look to put an emotion in a story and say we want the audience to feel this here and that there are we not directing ourselves? Does that make it theatre? And therefore does that not make it acting?

Telling the truth of the story is finding it deep within you. Surely, the way that you present that truth is acceptable in whatever format seems best.

Comments please.