I have just comeback from seeing Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. At the end, no one moved. The lights came up and the credits rolled and we were still caught in the emotion. Love and betrayal. Ruthlessness that used one to force the other, on both sides.

Great acting from all concerned. Gary Oldman deserves an Oscar. His  quiet menace combined with intellectual strength filled the screen. You understood how Smileycould have a wife this time.

Thomas Alfredson, director, added in a Christmas party that heightened the tension and allowed the sexual betrayals to be seen without the sex.

I thought it was gripping from start to finish. Even knowing the book and having seen the Alec Guiness tv version, it held me. It was all in the careful little movements, those tics that give us away.

Mark Strong was excellent as Jim Prideaux as were they all.