The wind has riled our new kitten, Goblin. He doesn’t know quite what to make of it. One minute he goes out in the garden chasing a leaf, the next he races in doors scared by the sudden gust. Tentative steps towards the door then a leap onto the window sill, completed by wild eyes and pricked ears.

As the door closes he panics and climbs up the curtain. A fly distacts him. For the moment he is totally engrossed in catching it. he balances on the sill and jumps! He lands back on the ledge right behind the tv. Danger averted as his next leap is successful. Down on the carpet he toys with his prey. It escapes and he’s off again. This time he makes sure and chews it.

Back out into the garden and up the trellis. (Is it only me who adds ‘from North Wales’ when I say trellis? Please say no.) The next blust sends him maddened speeding in through the lounge into the kitchen, back into the hall and then the lounge,up and down the furniture until he stops. He has caught sight of his tail. It twitches. He pounces. Missed!

Time to settle down for a lick. Moments later he’s off again. Wind driven.