I have just finished printing and cutting up the tickets for the next performance of Tales ‘n’ Veils for Halloween. The card measures 29cm by 21cm! How can I get an even ticket when I have to dot in between half a mm? There are 10 tickets on a sheet. One  or two are going to be slightly smaller than the others. It’s an OCD nightmare.

First was choosing the colour of the tickets. No, I tell a lie. First was finding card weighty enough to be a ticket yet thin enough to go through my printer without jamming and that wasn’t white! Pastel shades just wouldn’t do for Halloween. I tried textured parchment- too insipid. Green- too garish. Red, oh how I hoped red would be just right, but it was too dark. The red card though was the thickest and most tickety.  I’ve ended up with golden yellow. Not quite orange yet still pumpkin enough to be valid.

Then I tried cutting them with my little cutting blade that I’ve used for craft work. It was fine for the middle of the card but ran off in different directions at either end. The blade is curved and running it back and forwards, because once wasn’t enough for the red card, sent it off line even though it is attached to a 3ocm ruler!  I had to resort to pencil, ruler and scissors. I will have to invest in a guillotine. How big? I’m limited in space as we’re supposed to be downsizing.

I still have to learn my second story for the performance  and give it a few outings beforehand.  Was the ticketing just an elongated form of procrastination? Hmm…